RNDr. PhMr. Jiří Dlouhý (CZ/CH)


He born in February 1929 in Kyjov, pharmacy studies completed in June 1951 at Masaryk University in Brno. 1951 pharmacist at the central pharmacy in Přerov From 1952 to 1962, management of institutional pharmacies in Ružomberok, Prešov, Liptovský Mikuláš and Žilina 1963 Hospital Pharmacy in Cologne 1964 to 1968 Head of the Serum Department at the Institute of Serums and Vaccines 1969 pharmaceutical production of J.R.Geigy AG in Basel (Switzerland) 1970 to 1989 Head of Pharmaceutical Production at CIBA-GEIGY AG in Basel 1990 to 1994 Head of the IKS Bern Medicines Registration Department (similar to SUKL in Switzerland) 1994 until now, owner of pharmacy Swisspharma s.r.o. Kyjov 2004 to 2004 Member of the Board of Directors and Commissioner for Foreign Relations of the Czech Republic 2004 Honorary Member of ČLnK 2011 personality ČLNK 2016 bearer of the gold medal of the article