PharmDr. Štefan Krchňák (SK)


Pharmacist with a rich professional past in Slovakia. He is the author of the first software information system for pharmacies in Slovakia and for twenty years was leader of the pharmacy "U milosrdného srdca" in Šurany, from which he created the most modern pharmacy in our country with the first pharmacy automation dispenzing system (not only in Slovakia but in all new EU member states). In addition, he was an active member of the Slovak Pharmacists Chamber, in 2000-2001 he was its president and for 18 years he represented all Slovak collegues in Brussels at the PGEU. In 2013, he was elected its vicepresident and in 2014 he was president of this organization, the highest-ranking pharmacist in all countries EU.

However, many success in Slovakia not forgiven, and in 2015, a forced pharmacy was liquidated and lucky elsewhere. Thanks to the rich experience of galenical pharmacy, the company Sapotheca was founded, which focuses on high-quality soap products. Dr. Krchnak is author of these original receptures. From April 2019, he is also the Executive Director of the Association Slovak generic producers (GENAS).